“There are not enough women* to book”

The motivation behind the 2016 founded femdex database stems directly from this ignorant and dismissive statement that is repeatedly used as a ‘justification’ to not book women* in the electronic music industry.

Nowadays there is a serious shortage of female identifying DJs and producers present on line ups of both festivals and electronic music parties alike. 
Between July 2014 – July 2016 Viennese promoters booked only 9.3% female identifying artists (1.6% main acts, 7.7% local acts). The same refers to different countries as you can see here and here.

The website was developed in the context of this article for PW-MAGAZINE. It disproves the quote presented above and strives to support female identifying and non-binary DJs and producers.
You can browse through the database for names, labels or genres and directly write an email to the artists’ booking address. Besides over 500 international DJs and producers, there is an extra section with Viennese artists as the initiative was founded in Vienna.

Please note:
* Genres are often fuzzy and ambiguous. We have tried to pick them wisely but they can’t describe the music by the artists in its entirety. They only serve for the search function.
* For reasons of clarity and practicality we have chosen only one label or collective per artist. Nevertheless, many artists are represented by more than one label or collective.
* The list is a selection based on subjectivity surrounding women who possess a vast rapport that resonates through music.
* This database is by no means complete and will be continually extended.

For hints, questions and more please write an e-mail to: femdex.net@gmail.com


Hannah Christ

Elisabeth Falkensteiner
Xenia Nanou

Therese Kaiser

Franziska Ayoka Ebeler

Valentina Brković