The femdex stamp

Femdex strives to support female identified DJs and producers. Therefore femdex will examine selected events and analyze their quota (including both balanced or imbalanced).
This is not an attempt to decry certain events, to exclude anyone, to promote a binary gender order or to reduce the complexity of the issue  – it is a further step to display the frequent imbalance between female identified and male artists. Femdex solely chose this visual simplified method to achieve a broad public for fostering awareness and visibility.

Watch out for the stamp which will be posted in the discussion section of the examined Facebook event.

For now this method is limited to Viennese nightlife. If you want to use the stamp for your city as well write an email to


(1) the event collective has to have a Facebook page with more than 250 likes, (2) the event collective makes parties on a regular basis, (3) the event collective focuses musically mainly on House, Techno, Wave, Electro, Bass, experimental electronic music and some subgenres in between and (4) the stamp post has to be approved by the organiser(s) of the event.


Design by Franziska Ayoka