Zero Tolerance

Besides the exclusion of female identifying and non-binary talent in line ups and media, nightclubs also still seem to be a hotspot for unwanted sexual advances. It actually happens so often that many feel it’s just part of the game of going out and that complaining is futile. A nightclub offers an easy job for harassers, as it is usually dark, loud and crowded.

Sexual harassment is defined as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive environment”. In July 2016, 68 women* between 18 and 32 who go out regularly have been asked if they were ever sexually harassed (by this definition) at an electronic music party: 98% (!) answered yes and about one in two experiences it on a regular basis (47% = every time/almost every time/often; 53% = sometimes/rarely).

Making it visible that a venue doesn’t tolerate sexual harassment and other forms of offensive behaviour is one step to fight against that issue. Train your staff, hire extra guards and take necessary actions is another. The following sign was created for this occasion. Please feel free to use it for your venue or event.

Download the sign here: Zero-Tolerance